Professional Biography:


Amirhossein Makouei began his career as a Director with the short film "THE SEVENTH SENSE (2000)", which earned critical acclaim at several film festivals. He then went on to direct a number of other short films, including "KONAR (2000)", which further established his reputation as a rising talent in the industry.


In addition, he expanded his career with the independent films "JANOON ALLEY (2001)", which demonstrates his versatility and range as a filmmaker, from intimate character dramas. The presence of this film was screened at "KISH" International Festival", "Tehran Short Film Festival" and "Manchester International Film Festival" and was praised and positively criticized by the judges of these festivals.


In 2004, he managed to receive a permanent membership card of the Iranian Cinema House Documentary Directors Association and has been a member of this association for 19 years. Also, in the documentary genre, he was able to achieve many successes in different festivals with the films KONAR and JANOON ALLEY.


In 2005, Amirhossein Makouei succeeded in establishing Circle Art Film Company® from the "Ministry of Culture of IRAN". After several years of working in the field of filmmaking, he established this company to produce independent films and has produced many independent films in this company. Another activity of this company is the opening of the International Short Film Festival named Circle Art Film Award®, which will start its activity in the summer of 2023.


As a writer, He has a unique voice and a talent for crafting engaging and thought-provoking stories. His screenplays have won several awards, including "BUSAN NEW WAVE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL" for "THE DARK MIDNIGHT (2022)", and have been praised for their authenticity, originality, and emotional resonance. He also participated in various festivals around the world, including the 40th Fajr International Film Festival, by writing the screenplay for the "LAYERS OF LIES (2022)".

40th Fajr International Film Festival (2022)

2000 - 2023

Summary: Amirhossein Makouei is an experienced Director, Producer and Writer interested in the Action/Drama/Thrill genre and has made films and series in this field. "EIGHT OF DEAD" movie and "RETURN" TV Series are among these works. Of course, in 2022, he reached the peak of his experience in film making in the horror genre, when he made the film "THE DARK MIDNIGHT" and succeeded in attending more than 40 festivals and receiving various awards in different categories for this film. He has built a successful career in the film industry, gaining critical acclaim and recognition for his work at major festivals around the world.

He has received many awards in 2021-2023 for THE DARK MIDNIGHT and EIGHT OF DEAD. To view the details of awards and participation in world festivals, refer to the AWARDS and FILMFREEWAY page.